incredible 5016p service issues...

Oct 21, 2010,09:55 AM

wow i cant believe the service took so long; 2 years for all the services!! Did you have to pay for subsequent service?

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Factory Sealed Patek

 By: mrnctan : October 17th, 2010-07:57
Hi all, Just want share my story to all Patek owner especially those who are keeping their sealed timepiece for special occasion. You might get a shock of your life time. Recently during a business trip oversea, I purchased a Factory Sealed 5960P from Pat... 

You found a quartz movement inside ? :)))

 By: amanico : October 17th, 2010-08:06
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Ladies' Twenty-4

 By: mrnctan : October 17th, 2010-08:59
Ha ha... you will be right if it is a Ladies' Twenty-4

Damn ...

 By: Ares501 Mr Green : October 18th, 2010-01:25
looks my father aura is working you start thinking quartz :0)))))))) This message has been edited by Ares501 on 2010-10-18 01:26:44

You see? A nighmare! :) [nt]

 By: amanico : October 20th, 2010-08:54
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The Crown just drop off with a slight pull!!!

 By: mrnctan : October 17th, 2010-08:28
The Crown just drop off with a slight pull!!! I am trying to post the photos but the image uploader dont seems to be working Will post once I manage to do it. From what I understand, the issue is not serious and might not affect the movement.... But a Fac...  


 By: PinkPanther : October 17th, 2010-08:41
please post some photos when the uploader works again... Thanks Cheers

I totally understand your dissatisfaction.

 By: amanico : October 17th, 2010-08:45
It also happened to me with the 5712, exactly the same issue. 1 month later, the watch came back, and worked flawessly, as it has to be. Not a big problem, indeed. It is just a question of Time, patience, of Quality Control. Best, Nicolas.

Is it fair?

 By: mrnctan : October 17th, 2010-08:53
But is this fair to a consumer. Let say if you brought a brand new LCD TV ready to enjoy it and upon first turn on, the switch came off. You call the Service Center and they told you no problem it is a small issue we will get it fix in 1 month time. Is th... 

I didn't say it is fair, by far.

 By: amanico : October 17th, 2010-08:57
But it can always happen, even if it doesn't have to ... What I was thinking about is that what is important is that they know how to solve the problem, and no doubt that PP will. No about a replacement piece or a compensation, don't dream too much... Bes... 

I agree, of cause PP will be able to fix it.

 By: mrnctan : October 17th, 2010-09:15
I agree, of cause PP will be able to fix it. It is their master piece. But if they claim to be the finest timepiece in the world this type of issue should not have happened that often. Just within this post there are already 2 such cases. Will there be ot... 

I will be.....

 By: PinkPanther : October 17th, 2010-09:48
the devil's advocate.... Yes, sometimes there are problems with brand new watches.... Not only with PP but with other brands too... Amanico can tell you of such other problems.... However, they are a very small percentage compare to the production... It h... 

You are right "manufacture and/or AD reacts in a positive way"

 By: mrnctan : October 17th, 2010-10:16
I am not saying that they must make a replacement or compensation. Maybe not only Patek but other watch maker should offer some win-win solution. I consider myself lucky that the watch was brought for personal enjoyment and the problem is discovered early... 

Future Generations or Business Gifts

 By: gqmagic : October 17th, 2010-10:28
I don't think a son or grandson is expecting a sealed in plastic watch, I quite frankly feel its silly to buy a watch today and put it in a safe for a gift 20 years from now. Buy them what they want at the time you plan to give it to them 20 years from no... 


 By: PinkPanther : October 17th, 2010-10:31
give them time to reply..... Now, when you buy a watch, it is best to use it asap in order to make certain that everything works... and that is the whole point of the warranty.... If you put it in the safe, it is as good as a watch that it does not work, ... 

factory sealed

 By: watch-er : October 19th, 2010-07:12
You should all realize that Patek Philippe never intends for a factory sealed watch to reach an ultimate retail owner. Their procedure is for the AD to remove all and discard the factory packaging and CHECK the watch thoroughly for any problems and then p... 

I didn't know that PP's final QC check lies on the retailer!

 By: ling5hk : October 20th, 2010-08:28
That is really new to me. Regards Ling

I never recall any correspondence from PP with respect to

 By: whit : October 20th, 2010-09:33
a dealer being responsible for the final QC check and if there has been, it had to have been within the past two years. Granted, if the dealer had attempted to set the time on the 5960, there is a possibility that the problem would have been recognized bu... 


 By: Dje : October 21st, 2010-03:32
Hi, Of course any discussion initiated and followed in good faith is beneficial and interesting (and as long as we respect the forum rules, the participants and people concerned). Regarding sealed watches I easily understand why you kept watches sealed as... 

my experience

 By: dreamer8 : October 21st, 2010-04:15
I can only offer my personal experience in Australia.About 4 years ago, I was told instructions from PP to AD' s to cut the plastic bag in front of customer after sale was finalised and for papers to be dated with purchaser's name.It had to have a name wh... 

Beta Image uploader

 By: mrnctan : October 17th, 2010-08:46
Is the Image uploader down? Any other way to post photo?

As in any manufacturing process, there is always

 By: Aussie : October 17th, 2010-10:30
a set number of "acceptable level of defects". The real issue is whom makes the decisions of what those these acceptable numbers are.

Welcome here!

 By: Dje : October 17th, 2010-11:42
Hi, Welcome here. I'm sorry to hear about your experience. It's always sad to begin posting for negative reasons. I hope you'll get your watch back in perfect state soon. I hope also that you're not hoping more than that from any manufacturer, because if ... 

Sad to see this

 By: mrnctan : October 17th, 2010-17:56
Anyway thanks for the advise. Heres the photos as agreed....  

Maybe my high expectation is too high

 By: mrnctan : October 17th, 2010-18:43
SInce the introduction of 5960P it had been my holy grail. I had been hanging around in the forum since. Admiring and envying those who manage to own them. When I can afford it, I had high expectation on the purchase and was looking forward to owning one.... 

Your expectation is right where the price is...high, and

 By: whit : October 18th, 2010-10:46
just where it should be. Even if the problem is minor (and I believe yours is not major), you start thinking "if this happened, what else is wrong with my grail watch?" Patek's increased production levels in the recent years has brought with it problems, ... 

I had issues with my new 5960p and 5167a also! What is the long run outlook for PP?

 By: doublesix : October 18th, 2010-11:43
My 5960p ran fast and the chrono did not reset to 12 o'clock but PP fixed it after a few months. My new 5167a minute hand stopped at the 50 minute mark and it was due to "hand interference." While PP fixed this problem on the spot, one does wonder if QC w... 

If this trend continues, I think that there is every reason

 By: whit : October 18th, 2010-15:14
to think it will have an adverse effect on Patek. You don't necessarily have to be a collector, but it may very well have an impact on anyone thinking about spending the type of money these watches command if this continues. There are, of course, many fol... 

The quality is making me nervous!

 By: doublesix : October 18th, 2010-19:12
When my 5960 had problems, I was definitely a bit disappointed and wondering why such an expensive watch could not keep more accurate time. The chrono hand not re-setting to 12 o'clock was also a little bothersome but I let both of these matters go and wa... 

Actually my current 5960P is not the first Patek which I am having problem with.

 By: mrnctan : October 18th, 2010-19:15
I have a 5146J, less than 2 years of ownership the whole movement just stop moving. An overhaul was needed. Since it is still under warranty they did it for me free. A new watch need an overhaul in less than 2 years? Is it normal? The recommended servicin... 


 By: mrnctan : October 18th, 2010-01:22
Oh dear.... thrice!!! I will get really worry each time if I need to pull the crown to adjust the time. As it is a complicated watch, my local AD is not allow to repair. If it drop off, it is going back to the factory for a good 2mths. I am really puzzle ... 

It is sad to see................

 By: Topcat30093 : October 18th, 2010-03:44
And I can fully appreciate your frustration as a similar thing happened to me. But, I hope that you are able to resolve this quickly and to your satisfaction. Regards Tony

re: thrice

 By: Ovi : October 18th, 2010-04:47
first time around it was fixed in the NY workshop, second time around it was sent to factory then came sealed in a plastic sleeve with service and free of cost strap and additional 1 year warranty. Third time around they fixed it but upgraded the dp plati... 

Thrice!!! On the Same watch!!!

 By: mrnctan : October 18th, 2010-06:35
So this happen on the same watch? Cant they fix it once and for all? In my own opinion, all movement although their design might be the same. But they are still handmade and assembly by human. Individual movement will have their own characteristic. Some w... 

No biggy.

 By: Rainer B. : October 18th, 2010-05:33
Happens to me all the time. Can be repaired easily....  

Brand new?

 By: mrnctan : October 18th, 2010-06:54
May I know if this happen after years of ownership or when it is brand new? If it is use for a period of time, I could understand it might due to wear and tear and it had done its job. But if it is brand new....I will like to know what is their solution f... 

Not brand new, but fairly new.

 By: Rainer B. : October 18th, 2010-08:23
5107 was about one year old. The AD fixed it on the spot, while I was standing next to him (or at least next his watchmaker). 5450 was about six months old. Never got it fixed. Crown still falls off every now and then. Perhaps I will step by an AD in the ... 

small piece

 By: watch-er : October 19th, 2010-10:35
Hard to believe such a small piece has the strength to wind the watch. The winding stem kept coming out of my 3800. I read in the instructions that some movements come out from the front so the winding crown easily pulls out to allow this. To reinstall si... 

Can Post link to other forum?

 By: mrnctan : October 18th, 2010-07:43
By the way, am I allow to post a link to another forum? There is also another case of Patek QC not dong their job well.

Nope! nt

 By: Dje : October 18th, 2010-11:44

This is unacceptable

 By: tourbillon001 : October 18th, 2010-18:27
I had the exact same thing happen to me on a 5098, I sent it to my watchmaker because I did not want to be without the watch for several months. I understand that humans are making these watches and mistakes can be made, but crowns and stems coming out ar... 

someone recently bought 5712/1a from an AD in Boston.

 By: mrnctan : October 18th, 2010-19:34
Ok, anyway someone recently bought 5712/1a from an AD in Boston. Within two days of wearing the watch there was a loose screw in the movement and the watch stopped working. So he called Patek service center in NY and asked them why they would not just rep... 

There are always two sides.....

 By: PinkPanther : October 18th, 2010-23:21
I wonder..... Although I sympathize with you and had answered to you before, it sort of bothers me that a fairly new member just complains and nothing else. You seem to have several problems with Patek. If I were you, I would not give them my business any... 

I rest my case

 By: mrnctan : October 19th, 2010-00:49
Ha ha, I know what you mean. I can understand that. Although I have not post anything but I have been a registered member since 2007 or 2008 I cant remember.... and have been learning from the forum. I am not against Patek, and In fact I can show you prov... 

Split stem?

 By: Wees : October 19th, 2010-09:15
Hi there Is this one of the models which is constructed with a two part stem? That's not to say that it should easily come off, but that there are a number of models with a two part / split stem and that the crown (and part of the stem) can come out if pu... 

ROFL, Jerome. [nt]

 By: amanico : October 20th, 2010-08:56
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 By: Expat : October 20th, 2010-03:58
If you buy a new car and you happen to run a flat just outside the dealer; you expect a new car? Of course not. Just a new tyre and everything is fine and still brand new...

If you paid for that new car

 By: tourbillon001 : October 20th, 2010-09:29
and the tire is going to take 2 to 4 months to fix, yes you ask for a new car

PP service center needs to improve its quality

 By: watch-fan : October 19th, 2010-21:33
I sent my 5016P to mainteance. two years past and the watch sent to Geneva three times. It doesn't solve my problem. The watch worked perfect before mainteance. I had a retrograde date problem after first service. Then I had a repeater problem after secon... 

Defects in new watches

 By: ilikewatches : October 20th, 2010-08:08
It's obvious that if people start putting the complicated pieces in the safe Patek has less incentive to waste time on QC:Their in-warranty repair costs are close to zero. And yes, my 5960P has defects. Edmund

Grand Complications

 By: watch-er : October 20th, 2010-08:37
It is why perpetuals are sold with winding boxes. The mechanism works best when it is constantly running to avoid the oil drying up on the minute parts. Why anyone would even want a factory sealed watch makes not sense to me if the AD has handled a watch ... 

I am confused....

 By: Aussie : October 20th, 2010-09:58
are we describing some back-alley replica watch with some mass produced movement or are we discussing Patek Philippe Geneve ?

folks its an annual calender/chrono

 By: watch-er : July 8th, 2015-15:44
5960 not 5970.


 By: PinkPanther : October 20th, 2010-10:19
If you do not mind, what sort of defects does it have? Thanks Cheers

Pink - to answer your question

 By: ilikewatches : October 21st, 2010-05:40
The date windows on my 5960 are not completely symmetrical. Return to zero is - approximative. As for pusher feel - you know, whith a chrono it's suppposed to click! and back to THE zero, not squeeze and hope for the best from the sponge. It's a very pret... 


 By: PinkPanther : October 21st, 2010-11:47
you sent it to be serviced? Cheers

I was told "I could have the watch"

 By: ilikewatches : October 21st, 2010-12:51
I was told by the sales guys that "I could have the watch because someone else had refused it". When the sales lady brought me the watch she "suddenly noticed" the wrapper was already opened. The rest of the sales experience was just about equivalent, the... 


 By: PinkPanther : October 22nd, 2010-10:11
if you and your girlfriend were treated badly, why did you buy the watch from this AD? Youcould have bought it elsewhere... Cheers


 By: ilikewatches : October 22nd, 2010-13:19
Why? Availability. If one of you nice mods wants to see the piece, and he happens to be in Europe, it's on my wrist. ili

5960 defect

 By: mrenvy : July 5th, 2015-17:48
May I know what the 5960 defect was? Mine has a chronograph reset problem.

I hope that you will have better luck this time.........

 By: Topcat30093 : October 20th, 2010-22:44
It is such a very beautiful piece. And does not deserve to spend time going back and forwards to the service centre...................BUT ON YOUR WRIST!!

I agree with you

 By: watch-fan : October 23rd, 2010-20:10
I want the watch on my wrist instead of in Geneva

incredible 5016p service issues...

 By: mjnoumoff : October 21st, 2010-09:55
wow i cant believe the service took so long; 2 years for all the services!! Did you have to pay for subsequent service?

mistake again

 By: watch-fan : October 23rd, 2010-20:08
Geneva sent me another bill and this is a mistake again. I have to complain to Geneve to write off the bill. Picked up the watch yesterday. I hope this time will be ok with my watch.

I hope it will get fixed by PP soon.. [nt]

 By: i_am_Sam : October 21st, 2010-07:28
No message body

never buy sealed

 By: watch-er : July 8th, 2015-15:39
Why would anybody buy a watch unopened? The whole point is to have the dealer inspect it and you also so you do not buy a defect right out of the store. Once your name is on the papers you are stuck with it. I know of no other manufacturer where people wa... 

Always buy factory sealed!

 By: SooS : July 12th, 2015-04:37
The reason you should is that an authorised dealer who has had the watch on display will send it to Patek for repolishing if there are light marks from various customers handling the watch over time. Some people don't mind this but I do. If I wanted a rep... 

against PP policy

 By: watch-er : July 12th, 2015-07:35
It is against PP policy to deliver sealed watches to customers. ADs that do risk their agency status. Minor point I guess.

Pardon my ignorance

 By: akitaishi : July 12th, 2015-09:02
But why is that so ? I thought the reverse would then be against policy, that " it is against policy to deliver a PP watch whose plastic seal has been opened ( hence tampered with); as with most products.

I guess that

 By: Mark in Paris : July 12th, 2015-09:34
The plastic is made to protect the watch during shipping but especially means the watch hasn't been opened since the quality control process. Then, the AD has to open it and show it to the customer in its beautiful wooden box for the watch is "served" in ... 

I would add..

 By: Dave G : July 13th, 2015-15:16
with any brand there is a chance of defect from shipping (dropped package, etc.) I had a 5205 that "out of the bag" was not working from an AD. I would never walk out of the dealer without inspecting unpackaged.

for sure

 By: watch-er : July 14th, 2015-11:50
if the AD sees watch is defective, they will not sell or fill out the warranty. This is important where you paid up front for a specially ordered watch.

I expect Pateks quality control to be better than the AD's eye

 By: SooS : July 17th, 2015-06:41
In my case the dealer could not see the obvious defects but Patek did which is why they switched my watch a few times