The 5712/1A at list price is a steal. It is a beautiful watch...

Feb 12, 2008,11:22 AM

I do wear it occsionally.  And FYI, it is still selling at a high premium, so grab it.

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Patek 5712/1A

 By: billdibb : February 9th, 2008-07:47
Just been informed that I have a Patek 5712/1A waiting for me from waiting list at retail price. Is it a good investment? Stil selling at a premium? Should I use it, sell it on or just keep it in wraps in a cupboard? Did have a 5085/1A but sold this on eb... 

Welcome here!

 By: amanico : February 9th, 2008-07:50

The best watch investment is....

 By: Dje : February 9th, 2008-11:07 buy a watch that you wear in good health and get pleasure from living with! Hi, If you don't really feel appealed by "using" it, or we should better say wear it, don't buy it! Watches are meant to be worn, not to be investments. Are you sure that a... 


 By: mjnoumoff : February 9th, 2008-11:41

I can help you

 By: Bill : February 9th, 2008-11:39

Yes it is

 By: scarbov : February 9th, 2008-20:58

congratulations !

 By: chronoman19 : February 12th, 2008-02:49

Welcome, billdibb.

 By: masterspiece : February 13th, 2008-02:57

Congrats in advance...

 By: Krieng : February 13th, 2008-22:32
I don't know about the investment issue, just love to wear each and every single piece in my collection. Cheers