The Bulgari Octo Maserati Watch

Mar 15, 2012,15:14 PM

Bulgari & Maserati Team Up To Design The Octo Maserati Watch - A Collaborative Reflection of Excellence in the Future of Luxury

When two of the world’s most prestigious Italian brands combine their historic values, what results is a resounding expression of refinement, prestige, innovation, and pure emotion.  Bulgari and Maserati have chosen to bring their ideals and their vision of excellence together to create a very special and memorable piece, the Octo Maserati.

The collaborative design joins the knowledge in precision, performance, style and elegance that has always existed in each of the two brands.  Bulgari and Maserati have both conducted significant contributions throughout their respective histories to shape and define the resemblance of ‘luxury’. 

The Octo Maserati is the quintessential expression of two luxury companies sharing their visions. This exclusive piece is available in a special series release and displays the Maserati Trident symbol on its transparent caseback.  The dial consists of a vertical linear design that bears a resemblance to the Maserati's grille vents. The Octo Maserati, embodying harmony in design and perfect balance in proportion, is synonymous with passion of the kind that holds no compromise.

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Very Exciting News :-)

 By: SALMANQ8 : March 15th, 2012-18:32
That looks wonderful, can't wait to see the live pics, thanks for sharing. S

AP meets Daniel Roth meets Omega?

 By: Mostel : March 16th, 2012-17:59
Me no like...


 By: Capitan_Marcus : March 18th, 2012-17:52
It is will find similarity with the Royal Oak maybe ( just a little.) because the hand of the designer was the same...Gerald Genta...(RIP)..,

There's nothing like the combo of a wearing a Bulgari Octo on the wrist while driving

 By: AnthonyTsai : March 18th, 2012-20:26
a Maserati GranTurismo Cheers, Anthony

Very sporty...

 By: Jacky : March 19th, 2012-03:08
Hi Ping, thanks for the news. I think the dial is superb but not sure of that old school tachymetre bezel. And I cant help but notice they had taken out G.Genta's name on the dial? Earlier Octos still has it right ? Regards

Love the advertising campaign

 By: Dr_Nav : March 21st, 2012-09:23
Wow! Love the advertising for the collection and the concept of two powerful brands coming together. However it only really appeals to a specific type of customer base, possibly just luxury automobile enthusiasts. In my humble opinion the overall design i...