Sotirio Bulgari 2009 Collection (with Live Pics)

May 17, 2009,11:39 AM

Sotirio Bulgari 2009 Collection

To commemorate the 125th Anniversary of BVLGARI this year,  four new models are introduced. 
A clear sign that an expedition to serious watchmaking is gaining speed with the amount of
intentional efforts
poured in and vertical integration done.

To discover the 2009 collection, here are some LIVE pictures for your preview.

(Please click the link below to view by individual model, quite many pictures, a broadband is recommended)

Sotirio Bulgari 125th Anniversary Edition

Sotirio Bulgari Tourbillon Quantième Perpétuel

Sotirio Bulgari Quantième Annual Calender


Sotirio Bulgari Date Rétrograde

(A) Casemaking for the BVLGARI Sotirio Series

(B) Wrist Shots with Various Models

For the Sotirio Bulgari 2009 Collection Press Releases, please click here .




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BVL Sotirio 125th Anniversary Edition

 By: Kong : May 17th, 2009-11:43
For press material for this model, please click here. Will begin with the special model which commemorates the 125th Anniversary , a tribute to the founder - Mr Sotirio Bulgari. This model consists of yellow gold, pink gold and white gold with silver dial...  

Sotirio Bulgari Tourbillon Quantième Perpétuel

 By: Kong : May 17th, 2009-11:44
Please click here to access the press material The Sotirio Bulgari Tourbillon Quantième Perpétuel is the premium piece of the Sotirio Bulgari Series. Only 30 pieces will be made. The size is also slightly bigger than the rest of the models. The ...  

Sotirio Bulgari Quantième Annual Calender

 By: Kong : May 17th, 2009-11:45
For the Press Release, please click here. The Sotirio Bulgari Quantième Annual Calender comes in 2 variations: 1) limited to 250 pieces with 18-ct pink gold case, black oxidized dial and black alligator strap (SBP42BGLAC). 2) limited to 125 pieces wi...  

Sotirio Bulgari Date Rétrograde

 By: Kong : May 17th, 2009-11:47
Please click here for the press material The Date Rétrograde is the simple well-crafted 3-hand 'unlimited' model of the Sotirio Bulgari Series with an interesting twist, a rétrograde date. This year Basel, there is another formidable company which has sim...  

I like the white on white version

 By: aaronm : May 19th, 2009-12:47
But I'm disappointed in the choice of an ETA movement in such an otherwise interesting piece... A

Ha... I would love it to be with their own...

 By: Kong : May 19th, 2009-22:24
movement to complete the hoslitic package. From conversation with their executives, they know but did not disclose further. Kong

I wouldn't object to an outside movement

 By: aaronm : May 20th, 2009-09:00
I think that would allow them to make it at a much more attractive pricepoint, but they need to choose a better looking outside movement. If they are pushing this as finely designed horology, the can't have such an ugly movement A

Casemaking - BVLGARI Sotirio Series

 By: Kong : May 17th, 2009-11:58
Let's start with double-polishing. The question is " What is good about it ?" and " Is it very easy to produce it?" Double-polishing is about creating different texture of the surfaces to create contrast and layering effect in a monochromatic case. (In a ...  

I am impressed by the quality of the case.

 By: mokling : May 19th, 2009-01:40
Kong, if I invoke our common friend's saying, it is "champion of the champion". To me, the high quality of the case is the fusion of the quality of the case of A. Lange & Sohne and Peter Speake Marin. May be even better. Regards Ling

Initial impression, the case construction is ...

 By: Kong : May 20th, 2009-07:04
questionable structurally. After knowing how it is being fabricated, BVLGARI has done the engineering. For now, we see quite a few double surface finishing. Typically brush-finished the top of the lugs and glossed the edge of the edge. Got a feeling soon,... 

Wrist Shots with Various Models

 By: Kong : May 17th, 2009-12:02
Sotirio Bulgari Date Rétrograde Start with a measurement of the subject's wrist 135mm , 135/25.4=5.3" A lady's wrist of 135mm or 5.3". Man! This is quite big, at 185mm or 7.28" . Diameter 42 mm (and 10.7mm thick) seating well on the lady's wrist... Looks ...  

measurement of the 3rd wrist

 By: lien : May 18th, 2009-00:01
wht is it? Great reports as always! Thx Kong!

Will ask the Lady :-) It looks good with her ...

 By: Kong : May 18th, 2009-13:21
Save The Children Project Silver ring. Get back to you later. Have you seen the pieces in your area? Kong

Not seem these beauties yet~

 By: lien : May 18th, 2009-15:46
i doubt they have them these fast but ll take a look if i passing by this week this new sotirio looks very unique and more artistic/feminine, my favor being the pearl dial date retrograde in all metal & the anniversary Best, Ed~ This message has been edit... 

The wrist size of the Lady ...

 By: Kong : May 18th, 2009-21:28
Hi Ed Got the dimension of the nicer wrist It is at 155mm or 6.10 inches. Do you normally prefer light colour dial? Kong

Thx Kong for the measurement~

 By: lien : May 19th, 2009-05:06
so cls...boy i have a women's wrist:p Maybe its summer! & in this particular design which is simple & refreshing, lighter dial lights up the whole piece as i m picturing an evening event mid summer's night Oh Kong, i have posted screen shot the white meta... 

Ok,,,,I disclose, you are not the only one!

 By: Kong : May 19th, 2009-22:42
Close wrist size/dimension to the Ladies. Just that mine is hairy ( being commented before). So now you know besides showing how the watches look on the ladies' wrists So you have watches group under Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter? Ok, will check your wh... 

haha cool thx!  
 By: lien : May 20th, 2009-04:26

Thanks Kong for this very interesting report.

 By: jlux : May 18th, 2009-23:44
These are finally Bulgari watches that I like at lot and I am glad that the Bulgari name on the bezel has disappeared.All models look great with the Retrograde Day being my favorite. The case finishing looks really interesting. The only negative point may... 

Gerard, you are not the first person ...

 By: Kong : May 19th, 2009-22:17
to have questions about the lugs. My initial thought after seeing the pictures (from press release), the watch seems 'long'. Will it be wearable for my small wrists... and from mechanical point of view, can it withstand stress over a period of time. You w... 

A fantastic collection except that I do not like the

 By: happyguy1688 : May 19th, 2009-03:08
engraving of XX/ YY on the side of the case or on the dial (ref: Jacquet Droz)

What a fantastic interesting report Kong

 By: Geo : May 17th, 2009-23:27
Thanks a lot for posting these pics and text. Great to see that, even while it took them 125 years, the company is finally able to produce really great watches. These models look absolute stunning and I am so pleased that Bvlgari finally got rid of their ... 

Thanks Geo. See if you can try one on at your area...

 By: Kong : May 18th, 2009-13:27
BVLGARI has gathered inputs from the market regarding the BVLGARI BVLGARI logo bezel. So you could be one of the voice they heard So far from the pictures, which model/s do you like? Kong

Sotirio Bulgari Date Rétrograde

 By: Geo : May 19th, 2009-02:15
Hi Kong, the Sotirio Bulgari Date Rétrograde is my favorite. Geo

This 2009 collection is definitely worth a look

 By: Emmanuel H : May 18th, 2009-00:31
My favorite is the Tourbillon Quantième Perpétuel. I love the design of the dial : legible, modern and classical at the same time. Your pics show a superb movement, at least on the dial side. The finish seems to be excellent. I also appreciate the Quantiè... 

Thanks Emmanuel for your observations...

 By: Kong : May 18th, 2009-14:05
Agreed with you about the layout & presentation on the Perpetual Calender. Uncluttered and clear (legible). Perhaps size is secondary, the geometry or shape of the wrist is more important to suit this new lugs-design. It is best to try it on, even for tho... 

Thank you for the link

 By: Emmanuel H : May 19th, 2009-12:27
I much prefer the lugs design of the Diagono Series. It seems to be more "wearable". The French manufacture BRM proposes a solution : adjustable lugs ! So the watch would look great on both ladies. Of course it implies a mechanical / technical look incomp...  

I'm impressed!

 By: Davo : May 21st, 2009-18:35
The Sotirio Bulgari Tourbillon Quantième Perpétuel in particular is simply stunning! Well done and thanks so much for sharing, Kong!

It's nice to see consistency in style

 By: Ed. W : March 22nd, 2012-23:36
although I'm not a huge fan of the lugs. Thanks for the report Kong.