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My favorite Gerald Genta...

 By: DRMW : March 26th, 2010-16:31
Hello all! Here's an oldie but goodie, wearing this right now! Looking forward to adding a Bulgari GG in the near future, HAGWE everyone! -MW This message has been edited by DRMW on 2010-03-26 16:32:21...

Nice GG you have there...

 By: ED209 : March 26th, 2010-20:49
Thanks for sharing pics of your favorite GG. Was the yellow rubber strap standard with the watch? I love that carbon layering in the center of the dial. Regards, ED-209


 By: DRMW : March 26th, 2010-23:37
The carbon dial is cool, the strap is very comfortable and I'll post pics shortly. Thanks for looking! -MW

Very cool!

 By: pingtsai : March 26th, 2010-23:06
When did you get this? I've never seen you wear it.

re: Very cool!

 By: DRMW : March 26th, 2010-23:36
Hello Ping, I've had it for a long time, even wore it to the L.A. PuristSPro Gerald Genta event back in 2008 at Spago's. I have a black strap on buckle but usually I like the yellow on deployant. -MW

Very nice watch.

 By: VMM : March 27th, 2010-22:40
I like it. Vte

Thanks VTE!

 By: DRMW : March 27th, 2010-22:52
It always fun to watch the hour indicator jump! -MW

Love the yellow

 By: pjbocean : March 28th, 2010-08:27
in fact I was thinking of picking up a yellow dial biretro titanium- it comes on that yellow rubber strap- I am just not sure then if its too much yellow. Any suggestions with a yellow dial watch?

re: Yellow

 By: DRMW : March 28th, 2010-10:21
Hello pjbocean! With the GG biretro it's easy to swap straps so you can get a all yellow strap and a black one. Are you getting the deployant buckle? -MW

I dont know- should I

 By: pjbocean : March 28th, 2010-10:50
get a deployment? Was thinking maybe get a bracelet as well.


 By: DRMW : March 28th, 2010-23:36
For me I always try to get a deployant for the watches I buy. I have both the regular tang buckle that I keep on my black rubber strap and the deployant goes on the extra black strap or the yellow one. pjocean, the bracelet is nice, have you tried one on ...

I have not tried on the bracelet

 By: pjbocean : March 29th, 2010-05:56
is there something I should know?

thx for showing us Ming!

 By: lien : March 29th, 2010-02:17
as i just realized with ur pic that there r splendid details in the dial! very nice piece and i really luv the M&M theme~ cheers, Ed~

=) [nt]

 By: DRMW : March 29th, 2010-14:05
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Very fresh....

 By: PinkPanther : June 9th, 2010-10:17
I am also looking forward seeing the new Bulgary GG models... Thanks for posting... Cheers

No problemo!

 By: DRMW : June 9th, 2010-10:20
Hope you like the pics. If you search the Bulgari forum there's more photos and as the new pieces get released our team of course will have coverage on them. BTW, if you're a Gerald Genta fan, there's a upcoming review by our team that's very cool! Stay t...

Thank you....

 By: PinkPanther : June 9th, 2010-10:26
I will keep an eye on it.... BTW, I visited a bulgary boutique but unfortunatelly they did not have any of the GG or DR models.... They did say that if I had a particular model in mind they could bring it in.... However, it is a pity that they did not hav...

It'll be rolling out shortly so....

 By: DRMW : June 9th, 2010-10:32
Hello PinkPanther! Glad to see you on the Bulgari forum! From a recent post, indications are that many of the new models will be available shortly at Boutiques and AD's. If you have a particular model in mind, our friendly moderators Ping and ED209 are mo...

Coming soon...

 By: ED209 : June 9th, 2010-14:59
Hi PinkPanther, All of the Bulgari 2010 new products (Sotirio Bulgari Caliber 168; Serpenti; Bulgari Gerald Genta/ Bulgari Daniel Roth Collections) will arrive and be available on the market from September/October 2010. I've visited a few boutiques in var...

Thank you ED209.....

 By: PinkPanther : June 10th, 2010-10:21
I am looking forward to the new collection... Do you have a specific one that you are flirting with? Cheers

I think the first one on my list would be

 By: ED209 : June 11th, 2010-14:55
The Sotirio just because I'm curious about the in-house movement. Second would be Endurer. Regards, ED-209