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Introducing the new Glashütte Original Senator Chronograph Panorama Date

Here are pictures of the new 42mm stainless steel Glashütte Original Senator Chronograph Panorama Date . Houses the automatic Calibre 37 movement with flyback & 12-hour chronograph counter. Power reserve is 70 hours. Below are tons of pictures as well
By: AnthonyTsai

A day with the Pano Lunar

One which has not had wrist time for way too long. Have been wearing it since start of Nov. A few shot before going back to the box. Cheers! SF
By: S.F

Thanks Glashütte Original for the great meeting.

After some problems with the flight we finally get to Glashütte. We have a great time at the factory and the Glashütte Original butique.
By: Tony.A.

A interesting roof shoot

at the atrium of the manufactory Glashütte Original with a lot of interesting details.
By: Jocke

GO's wishes a happy birthday to our own Jocke - Glashütte style!

... and of course also Jocke/Tony style: the two Swedes really did their best* to arrive only just in time for the celebration (we others had to work in the finishing department): All the details are spot on: Happy birthday Jocke, it was a blast celebrati
By: Ornatus-Mundi

A cool wristshot

from the Glashütte Boutique in Dresden.
By: Jocke

Originality & Excellence - diving into details at the G.O. manufactory

Yesterday I had the privilege to follow an invitation to the G.O. manufactory. The headline on the invitation read: Originality & Excellence and workshops were announced. So I was very curious. It seems I arrived at the correct airport. A familiar view fu
By: stromer

On the way to see its creators tomorrow

Stopping over at Dresden on my way to the lovely town of Glashütte. Look what I found at the Salon of Maths and Physics, the collection of scientific and mechanical instruments of the Saxon Dukes: This collection is a feast for everyone who is interested
By: stromer

Took a evening walk in the city.

Went to the old trading estate and there they have this nice waterfall. Just have to made a Lumecheck )
By: Tony.A.

A fresh shot of my beloved G.O Senator Navigator, for Rimowa.

I can't believe that it is almost ten years that it is with me! Its original Trieste Khaki strap is very good, but I decided to save it and to play with Nato straps for that watch. A very good companion, this Special Senator Navigator. Best, Nicolas
By: amanico