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Fun piece ..

Surprisingly nice on the wrist. 😉 Best regards, Jen
By: janef

10 Years a Purists, 20 a Collector.....a HoroTale

Howdy fellow PuristS of the Horological Shire, this is somewhat a aggrandizement post as it is a sentimental one. Today, I celebrate 10th year on Puristspro. I actually joined the old PuristS forum in 2003/4, and was roped in by Dr. Bernard Cheong, a form
By: Hororgasm

Overview of high frequency watches and calibres - contributions highly welcome

For some reason I have gotten bitten by the frenetic sound and the romantic promise of high frequency watches - i.e. those beating faster than 28.800 vph. I started my journey in the topic with my Eterna Sevenday Fastbeat, which got joined by the Grand Se

AP Man Numero Uno MichaelC has passed 10 000 posts!!!!

It' hasn't gone unnoticed that our main AP man has pasted 10K benchmark Our man that enjoys fine cigars Is a big fan of Boston Red Sox Listens to good music Owns best ROO ever made and has quite collection of firearms is now in 10K club! So big big congra
By: Ares501 Mr Green

Quotable quotes $1000

As Thanksgiving is quickly drawing upon us, let’s think deeply (or shallow) with my two all-time favorite American writers. What’s the best part of the holidays? The alcohol….um, I mean family. Francis & Papa understand me. Advance thanks to those PuristS
By: Joepny

Macro Monday #47 Who wants to participate?

Hi all, What’s happen here??? Even if it’s a little bit late, Monday is dedicated to macro shots, so here we go! Show us your macro parts 😉 Best wishes Alkiro
By: Alkiro1

Metallic brown - all a bit 70s!

Hi All Just a couple of shots of some alarms from the era era of flares!!! Lots of character with some metallic brown dials. Or should we say bronze inspired!? Cheers JML
By: jml_watches

Sometimes I don't understand my wife

She does not appreciate my new bed cover.
By: Jocke

Wristshots taken in Luxembourg during Les Journées de la Passion event

Les Journées de la Passion is a prestigious event organized by the Perini family which takes place every year alternately in Luxembourg and in Brussels. I attended the last two editions in Brussels so this year I wished to travel to Luxembourg to discover
By: foversta

Any feedback is apprecaited...

Hello Purists. I would like your opinion. All things considered I would like to hear opinions as to which of the three watches you would get if you could only get one. Thank you in advance for your feedback! ALS 1815 Chrono (boutique version) FP Journe Ca