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May I ask your opinion

about Piaget as a watch maker? Do they manufacture their own in-house movements? The Emperator has always has a special place in my heart but am worry how it will stack up against a VC Traditionelle. Thanks in advance for any input. james
By: jim_94104

Historical research into Piaget Polo: The Missing One

Mystery Piaget Polo - vertical lines on leather strap Dear Forumners, In the process of gathering material for a historical look at Piaget Polo watches, I found this photo of a "vintage" piece....probably from circa 1980. The question is: Does anybody act

Piaget 900P on the first day of spring ...

Team, Here is my 900p. Ultra thin, is IMHO a work of art not a watch. It deserves more time for taking pictures. So thin that it gives the impression of being fragile. Is not. Against my garden The case back. Thanks for seeing. Cheers, Nilo
By: nilomis

My First Piaget!

Hey Guys, I always wanted to purchase a Piaget watch, specially, unfortunately that watch was over my budget! So, last week, I had the opportunity to trade a Cartier Pasha C (2007 model with blue dial) for that Piaget Gouverneur in White gold! I would lik
By: Fernando Bandeira de Melo

Picked these two AD Clocks .......now to find a wall to put them on

My hunt for the two holy grail clocks continues ...... Rolex and Patek world timer clock
By: dhirengopal2

What to do when a watch ticks all boxes?

When it comes to really liking a watch, I am often a bit of an enfant terrible. There is always something that I do not like. Especially watches in the mid price category probably need to be ‘commercial’ nowadays. The sweep seconds is something where I am
By: Geo

Piaget Altiplano 38mm

My first gold watch & my first post on the forum. I got this watch to celebrate by 40th birthday & it always makes me smile.

Good bye, Piaget Boutique (at least from Brazil) ...

Team, As part of the major economic crisis that afflicts Brazil, associated with the not that good results from Richemont group (and all Swiss brands), Piaget Boutique closed the doors last December 31st. I feel very bad for this, because of several facto
By: nilomis

Mr. Philippe Leopold-Metzger retiring as Piaget CEO & Ms. Chabi Nouri will be new Piaget CEO on April 1, 2017

Ms. Chabi Nouri will be the new Piaget CEO on April 1, 2017. Mr. Philippe Leopold-Metzger will be retiring as Piaget CEO on March 31, 2017 after a 36-year career at Richemont and will become the non-executive Piaget President then. For more details, the f
By: AnthonyTsai